The Running Virtuoso

Hi! My name is Sara McIntosh. I love running and I love to write. Actually, I am also a professional copywriter!

But on This Page, I’m Here to Help You Run!

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Even more than my knowledge of running, I want to write about everything running for your benefit! You can learn the best workouts, clothing, shoes, and more to get started.

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After working as a freelance writer for the past 12 years, I have learned a great deal about articles, blogs, web content and much more. Now I want to share my love of running with you!

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If you take a look at some of my posted works in different places, you can see some of the most recent pieces online.

Actually, you will find out that by being a freelance copywriter, I am able to run whenever I wish and go to the gym when I just need a good break from my other work. Trust me… running and writing are wonderful companions in my life!

The Running Virtuoso

I found my love for running at a young age, starting with Track&Field in middle school. In high school I started running cross country as well, learning that those longer races were an even greater challenge.

One of my key goals was to run a marathon before my 30th birthday and, sure enough, with ONLY ABOUT 6 MONTHS of serious training, I was able to make it all the way across the finish line of the Flying Pig Marathon.

Trust me, I live in a city with challenging and hilly races, but running is a fun and interactive way to meet others, bring out the athlete buried deep inside and achieve some of your goals!

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Find out more ABOUT ME here, both my experience in running and my passion writing about it. EVERYONE can be a runner, and I want to help you feel confident in hitting the pavement right away. Trust me when I tell you how wonderful you will feel when you start to get in better shape, getting up in the morning is much easier, and before you know it you will LOVE running too!

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