About The Running Virtuoso

If you have come to this page, I am sure you love running as much as I do. I’m sure you also know it is one of the easiest things to fall behind on as your schedule gets busier during your adult years. So, how can you keep up with training? Or at least with the workouts that can keep you in shape and feeling healthy, without overlooking work and the kids’ events and all those other responsibilities?

Well, let’s look into that right here! We have plenty of ways to keep up with our lives as runners! There is no reason to start dragging. You don’t have to run every race in the city, but you can still remain confident about your abilities as a runner.

Running Tips from Others!

There is no reason to run alone… there are groups and clubs everywhere!

The Running Virtuoso

Don’t stop running because of the weather! Other exercises can help you train all year long!

The Running Virtuoso

**Give your advice as well!!!**

And… work your way into distance running slowly. Keep it comfortable and feeling worthwhile. Don’t over-do it!

The Running Virtuoso

Let’s talk about running!

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